Samstag, 15.September 2018 ab 20:00 Uhr
Love Machine - LIVE

Love Machine – LIVE in der Asta (Psychedelic Westcoast-Rock aus Düsseldorf)
Pre- & Aftershow by DJ Eigy & ConniCan

It‘s all about energy, groove, repetition and minimalism. Doing nothing but the right thing at the right time. It‘s about the depths of the universe and of the human soul – LOVE MACHINE‘s blend of Americana and Krautrock will make you feel it!

These five dudes are obsessed with hitting the road and getting on stage to perform their own vision of what RocknRoll ought to be these days. It‘s about digging deep in traditions while creating a new utopian cosmos on their own… It‘s about idolizing the sound of America‘s West Coast while being some weird Krautrock slacker… But don‘t you dare to say they are torn! Love Machine exactly know what they want.

It is you to go nuts! You won‘t have any choice…

Their live performance is driven by one of the rarest and most moustachized rhythm groups around these days and is completed by some dual guitar love odyssey that will finally convince you to quit your job and start living. Sitting enthroned above all it is vocalist and percussionist Marcel Rösche who will free you from your last believe in sanity and reason. Being a preacher, a shaman, a maniac and an exhibitionist this cat will take you on a trip you can‘t escape from. Open your heart, take off your clothes and join LOVE MACHINE for a magical and sweaty carpet ride into the core of the ultimate freak-out!

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