Samstag, 14.Oktober 2017 ab 20:00 Uhr
The Diggerz - Live

Lifeblood, sweat and creeps conveys this power package of kickass drums, slapping bass and surf-alike
guitar, so live and in colour you definitely should not miss these guys!!!

The DiggerZ founded 2010 in Essen:
Köppy (Ex-Drummer of Pitmen), Andre (Guitarrist of Messerstecher Herzensbrecher) and Mo already
knew each other through some visited concerts.
While drinking a couple- or more beers, they decided to start making music together.

After gigs in Essen and its environs, festivals like Psychobilly Earthquake (Bremen), Satanic Stomp
(Speyer), Psychomania Rumble (Potsdam) and concerts all over Germany, they now are presenting their debut album “A Psycho’s
Tales”, which is released on Crazy Love Records.

The band’s sound is multifaceted and new, while still keeping the 80ies Psychobilly spirit alive.
It also mashes up different styles together in order to create something novel.

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